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Elevate your online presence; from outdated to outstanding

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At Regami, we offer exceptional web development services meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs of businesses across diverse sectors. Our solutions are strategically designed to enhance your operational efficiency, stimulate revenue growth, and bolster customer engagement. Whether your organization requires a cutting-edge project management tool, a state-of-the-art logistics management system, a personalized healthcare information hub, or a data-driven marketing analytics tool, our web development services are tailored to align with your specific objectives and unique needs.

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Web Solutions We Develop

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Complex Enterprise Systems

  • Large-Scale Distributed Systems

  • Digital Asset Management Systems

  • Real-Time Big Data and Analytics Software

  • Progressive Web Apps

  • Enterprise CMS Web Development Services

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Web Portals

  • Patient Portals

  • Employee Portals

  • Vendor Portals

  • Self-Service Portals

  • E-Learning Portals

  • Government Portals

  • Community Portals

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API Development

  • API Integration: REST, SOAP, XML, GraphQL

  • AI and Machine Learning API

  • Middleware platform apps

  • Internal API development

  • Video and streaming services

  • Google API services

  • Headless API integration

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Technologies We Use

Front End

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Server Technologies


Cloud Technologies

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Our Web Application Services

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Front-end and Back-end Web Development 

Elevate your web presence with our expertise. Our front-end team specializes in crafting intuitive user interfaces and responsive designs, while our back-end developers create robust, scalable server-side applications that efficiently handle data and server infrastructure. We deliver a seamless connection between UI and server, ensuring optimal performance and functionality. 

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Software Development Lifecycle

  • Identify challenges, set clear goals, and create a strategic project plan.

  • Ensure a well-defined scope and a roadmap for successful web application development.



Case Study

Case Study


Integrated Web Portal for a Sports Equipment Retailer

Our client is a prominent, independently owned sports equipment retailer with a vast network of physical stores. Their passion for sports and commitment...

Case Study


Enhancing Telehealth Services with a Custom Web Application

A healthcare organization sought to expand its telehealth services to reach a broader patient population. They needed a user-friendly and reliable web application to facilitate virtual...

Case Study


Optimizing Agri-Products Refrigeration Warehouse with Digital Portal

Our client is India's leading agri-products refrigeration warehouse, playing a crucial role in preserving the country's agricultural produce. Their mission is to ensure food...

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