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Industrial Design Services 

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At Regami, our Industrial Design Team works with you to close the gap between your vision for the product and the needs of the product's users through creative conversations, collaborative efforts, and experience. Our industrial designers assess the needs and desires of the consumer and translate them into feasible designs for products that can be engineered and manufactured efficiently.  

The final design concepts are captured in 3D CAD models to allow feedback from clients, users, and other stakeholders. A well thought through design can deliver an enjoyable, easy to use product that brings your brand and vision to life. As you move from product concept options to a chosen design, our team builds physical prototypes that replicate the product experience to test and ensure a rewarding user experience. 


Our Industrial Design Services

Research & Analysis - industrial design services


Research & Analysis 


Prior to ideation, we partner with you to refine project objectives and strategy. This collaborative approach ensures an effective and valuable development effort, maximizing the value derived from the design process. Our work begins with comprehensive design research, setting the foundation for concept development. 

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Our Mold Types Expertise


Low Cavitation molds


Family Mold


Unscrewing Mold


Hot Runner Molds


Two/Three Plate Molds


Interchangeable insert Mold


Proto Molds/Hand Molds


Rubber Compression Molds


Cold Runner Molds

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Our Design Process

  • Research is conducted to identify the specific problem that needs to be solved. Understanding who is affected by the problem helps in tailoring the solution. 

  • Setting clear goals and objectives defines what the solution aims to achieve, encompassing the entire user experience, not just visual or interactive design elements. 



Our Industries

Integrated Technology Solutions - industrial design services


Empowering Wellness Through Integrated Technology Solutions

Embedded Systems -  - industrial design services

Industrial Automation 

Efficiency Redefined through Seamless Embedded Systems

Embedded Services - industrial design services

Life Sciences

Pioneering Scientific Progress with Advanced Embedded Services

Embedded Connectivity - industrial design services


Revolutionizing Consumer Experiences through Embedded Connectivity

Traffic & Transportation - industrial design services

Navigating Futures with Smart Embedded Solutions

Traffic & Transportation

warehouse Embedded Technology - industrial design services

Warehouse &


Optimizing Operations with Cutting-Edge Embedded Technology

Case Studies

Case Study


Vision System Design for Patient Monitoring Solution  

Our client is a leading healthcare technology company striving to revolutionize patient monitoring solutions...

Case Study


Enhancing Electric Vehicle Charging Network Efficiency through Managed Connectivity

A leading player in the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure sector, our client operates a network... 

Case Study


Optimizing Fresh Produce Cold Storage with IoT Temperature Management 

A leading player in the fresh produce industry, with a network of cold storage facilities, faced challenges in maintaining...

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