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Computer Vision 

Progress by every pixel

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At Regami, we bring the power of Computer Vision to reshape the way industries perceive and interact with visual data. Our comprehensive suite of Computer Vision services is designed to address a wide range of industries and applications, providing innovative solutions that enhance efficiency, accuracy, and user experience.


Discover new possibilities with Regami as your partner in harnessing the full potential of Computer Vision.

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Our Solutions


License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

Efficiently identify license plates for enhanced security and traffic management, utilizing our advanced ALPR technology. 

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alpr - computer vision
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Discover How Our Solutions Can Meet Your Specific Needs

Our Reach

smart cities - computer vision

Smart Cities

Urban evolution powered by visual data

retail visual - computer vision


Elevating retail experiences through advanced visual intelligence

smart agriculture - computer vision

Smart Agriculture 

Maximizing yields with data-driven insights

smart surveillance - computer vision

Smart Surveillance and Monitoring

Safeguarding assets and public spaces with advanced computer vision 

fleet management - computer vision

Telematics &

Fleet Management 

Clear imaging fuels life science breakthroughs 

warehouse automation - computer vision

Warehouse Automation 

Seamless retail automation with enhanced visuals

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The Regami Expertise

custom - computer vision

Custom Computer Vision Software 

Tailored computer vision software for precision-driven applications, seamlessly integrating video analytics, facial recognition, and object tracking. 

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On-Device Machine Learning 

Real-time AI capabilities at your fingertips, leveraging on-device machine learning for enhanced performance, privacy, and instant video analytics. 

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On-Device Machine Learning - computer vision

Case Studies

Case Study


Orchestrating Quality Management in Food Warehousing - A Blend of Smart Monitoring Solutions

A healthcare provider, with a network of hospitals and clinics, faced operational challenges in optimizing...

Case Study


Non-Destructive Crack Detection for Enhanced Steel Sheet Quality Assurance using Computer Vision

Our client is a leading digital solutions company that specializes in healthcare and life sciences...

Case Study


Enhancing Customer Experience and Store Optimization using Computer Vision

A leading retail conglomerate with a vast network of stores worldwide wanted to enhance customer experience...

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