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Where Precision meets Performance

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Faster Testing


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Elevate your testing standards to new heights

A test automation framework optimizes testing by integrating function libraries and reusable modules, streamlining business processes. In today's digital landscape, Automated Testing is essential for QA teams to meet the demands of digital transformation.

Regami offers comprehensive testing across web, mobile, and web services, including regression testing, ensuring swift feedback and end-to-end automation for your Test Ecosystem.

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Our Test Automation Services

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Assessment & ROI Analysis

Our team conducts a thorough assessment of your testing needs and evaluates the potential Return on Investment (ROI) for automation. We identify areas where automation can bring significant benefits and quantify the potential cost savings and efficiency improvements through ROI analysis.

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Tool Evaluation & Recommendations

Our experts assess your testing environment and recommend the most suitable automation tools for your specific needs. Our recommendations are tailored to your organization's needs and budget, ensuring you invest in tools that align with your goals and objectives.

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Test Scripting & Execution

We offer expert test scripting and execution services to ensure efficient and accurate test automation. Our experts excel in creating comprehensive test scripts that accurately represent your test cases. Our team monitors test runs, collects results, and reports any issues, allowing for quick identification and resolution of defects.

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Automated Regression Testing

By automating regression testing, we reduce the risk of regression issues escaping into production and impacting users, leading to increased software stability. We design and execute regression test suites that help identify and rectify defects introduced during development or updates.

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Selenium Testing Solutions

Our Selenium testing solutions harness the power of this tool to automate web testing tasks. We create Selenium-based test scripts and execute them to validate web application functionality across various browsers and platforms, ensuring consistent performance and user experience.

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AI-Powered Testing Solutions

Explore cutting-edge AI-powered testing solutions that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your test automation processes. Embracing artificial intelligence (AI) in testing enables smarter, more efficient, and adaptable automation. AI helps in tasks such as intelligent test case generation, dynamic test data management, and predictive defect analysis.

Tools We Use

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Our Test Automation Approach

⦁   We analyze your needs and evaluate current testing processes.

⦁   Identify areas where automation can offer advantages.



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Our Expertise

Unit Testing

Testing individual code components.

Functional Testing

Validating software features.

Regression Testing

Ensuring existing functionality is not affected by changes.

Integration Testing

Checking how different parts work together.

Performance Testing

Assessing speed and scalability.

Security Testing

Identifying security vulnerabilities.

Case Study

Case Study


Automation of Monthly Statements Processing in the Oil and Gas Industry Using UiPath

A leading player in the oil and gas industry operates an upstream entity responsible for managing various aspects of production, including exploration...

Case Study


Fixed Asset Roll Forward Automation for Energy Sector Using UiPath 

A prominent company operating in the energy sector manages a diverse range of fixed assets, including infrastructure, machinery, and equipment. The company's accounting team...

Case Study


Streamlining Mediclaim Validation with UiPath RPA in the Insurance Industry 

A prominent insurance firm in the healthcare sector faced significant challenges in efficiently processing Mediclaim requests. Managing claims required meticulous...

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