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Embedded Software Development 

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Regami provides specialized embedded software development services for product companies pioneering IoT solutions in Retail, Industrial Automation, Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Smart Cities. Our team of skilled embedded software engineers possesses extensive expertise in microcontrollers,  microprocessors, Image Signal Processors, and Digital Signal Processors, crafting tailored solutions for diverse industries.


Our Services

Board Support package


Board Support Package and Driver Development 


Our team excels in developing Board Support Packages/OS Kernel Packages to facilitate seamless communication between your hardware and Linux, Android, or RTOS. We also specialize in driver development and optimization, ensuring the seamless integration of peripheral modules and devices with your hardware.  

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Our Industries

Integrated Technology Solutions for healthcare


Empowering Wellness Through Integrated Technology Solutions


Industrial Automation 

Efficiency Redefined through Seamless Embedded Systems

Embedded Services for life sciences

Life Sciences

Pioneering Scientific Progress with Advanced Embedded Services

Embedded Connectivity for retail


Revolutionizing Consumer Experiences through Embedded Connectivity

Embedded Solutions for traffic

Navigating Futures with Smart Embedded Solutions

Traffic & Transportation

Embedded Technology for logistics

Warehouse &


Optimizing Operations with Cutting-Edge Embedded Technology

Platform Expertise  

Hardware Platforms

Embedded OS

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Embedded Applications

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Case Studies

Case Study


Edge AI Platform for Dermatology Diagnostic Device   

Our client, a prominent leader in the medical technology sector, aimed to revolutionize skin cancer ...

Case Study


Streamlining Logistics with a Reliable Delivery Management System 

Our client, a leading e-commerce company with a global presence, faced a significant challenge in managing...

Case Study


Digital Transformation of Train Stations in a Metropolitan City

Our client, a key player in the transportation sector, manages four major train stations in a bustling metropolitan city...

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