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Warehouse & Logistics 

Redefining operational efficiency

Our holistic perspective encompasses not only the seamless integration of innovative technologies but also the strategic deployment of methodologies that align with the unique needs of your warehouse. 

Embark on a journey of transformation with us, where each solution is meticulously tailored to not only meet but exceed the demands of modern warehouse management and Logistics requirements. Regami, as your strategic ally, can work with you to redefine what's possible in the realm of warehouse & logistics excellence. 

Our Segments ...



Custom Warehouse Platforms

We enable companies to take control of your warehouse by developing cloud-based Warehouse Management solutions/platforms. We provide end-to-end visibility for efficient order fulfillment and inventory management. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with existing systems and offer scalability that grows with your business.

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Transforming Warehouse Operations with Advanced Warehouse Management Software
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Improving Operational Efficiency for a Global 3PL Provider with a Custom WMS
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Optimizing Agri-Products Refrigeration Warehouse with a Digital Portal
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Revolutionizing Global Container Shipping with a Cloud Application
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Let’s bring your ideas to life

Our Ecosystem ...

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Product Development Services

Leverage our deep knowledge in embedded design, camera design, firmware development, HMI development, and Wireless integration in compliance with guidelines required by FCC, UL, CE, etc. to accelerate your concept to prototype to product life cycle. 


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Targeted Solutions

Edge AI Camera Platform

Regami's Edge AI camera platform empowers customers in shaping their warehouse and logistics strategies by streamlining dataset preparation and modeling phases. The platform's adaptability enables the creation of field-ready designs, facilitating seamless integration into real-world traffic scenarios.   

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