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Travel and Tourism 

Digitizing travel experiences beyond boundaries

Uncover a new era of travel and tourism with Regami, where we go beyond the ordinary to redefine the very essence of your journey. 

We redefine the dynamics of the Travel and Tourism industry through cutting-edge solutions that seamlessly blend innovation, efficiency, and excellence. Embark on a journey with us as we introduce you to our diverse range of services designed to elevate every aspect of your travel ventures. 

Our Segments ...

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Booking Platforms 

Experience the convenience of our user-friendly Booking Platforms. We specialize in developing intuitive interfaces that empower travelers to plan and book seamlessly. Whether it's flights, accommodations, or activities, our platforms provide a unified and hassle-free booking experience, ensuring customer satisfaction at every step. 

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Revolutionizing Room Rentals with an Advanced Booking Platform
travel booking platform
Transforming Travel Planning and Booking for a Leading Online Travel Agency 
mobile app
Transforming Dining Experience with a Mobile App in a Michelin 5-Star Restaurant Chain 
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Let’s bring your ideas to life

Our Ecosystem ...

Product Development Services - travel and tourism

Product Development Services

Leverage our deep knowledge in IoT solutions, embedded design, wireless integration, camera design, firmware development, and HMI development in compliance with guidelines required by FCC, UL, CE, etc. to accelerate your concept to prototype to product life cycle.


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Seeking answers to your challenges?

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Targeted Solutions

ROTA – Over the Air Upgrade Platform for Field Devices    

Leverage our ROTA Platform to incorporate highly secure and highly reliable over the upgradation capability to keep your field devices up-to-date. Enhance the performance of your field devices with confidence in the platform's robust security and reliability.   

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