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Edge AI Platform for Dermatology Diagnostic Device 

Client Background

Our client, a prominent leader in the medical technology sector, aimed to revolutionize skin cancer detection with a handheld diagnostic device. Focused on innovation, they sought a solution capable of high-resolution skin imaging and Edge AI-driven diagnostics. Regami collaborated to address this challenge, ultimately delivering a tailored embedded system that significantly advanced dermatological diagnostics.


Our client, a leader in the field of medical technology, embarked on a mission to develop a handheld device for skin cancer detection. The challenge was clear - they sought a solution that could capture high-resolution, close-up images of the skin and apply Edge AI-driven diagnostics to identify potential skin cancer. The client required a vision-integrated board assembly housing an AI-capable processor running Linux to accommodate model training with the vast dataset of skin images collected.

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Regami collaborated closely with the client to craft a tailored solution. We delivered a comprehensive board-level embedded system that met their precise requirements:

  • 4K Color Imager with NIR Sensitivity: We integrated a high-resolution 4K color imager with Near-Infrared (NIR) sensitivity to capture high-quality images in various lighting conditions, ensuring the device's reliability.

  • AI-Enabled Processor: The system featured a Cortex A73 processor equipped with a built-in AI coprocessor that supported TensorFlow models. This allowed for efficient real-time analysis of captured skin images for potential cancer detection.

  • Optimized Memory and Storage: Regami designed the system with the necessary memory and storage to handle the vast dataset required for model training and image storage, ensuring seamless performance.

  • High-Performance Optics: We selected the optimal optics for the imager, guaranteeing superior image quality for diagnostic purposes.

  • Yocto Linux Integration: Our team implemented Yocto Linux, enabling the client's software team to seamlessly integrate their custom software and train AI models.



The implementation of the Edge AI Platform for Dermatology Diagnostic Device led to several significant outcomes:

  • High-Resolution Image Capture: The 4K imager with NIR sensitivity allowed the device to capture high-quality images, facilitating more accurate skin cancer detection.

  • Seamless Software Integration: The Yocto Linux platform provided a smooth transition for the client's software team, ensuring a streamlined development process.

  • Cost Savings: The cost-effective architecture developed by Regami resulted in a 46% cost reduction per device compared to the client's initial assessment, making the device more accessible and affordable.

  • Improved Image Quality: The integration of high-performance optics led to improved image quality, enhancing the diagnostic capabilities of the device.

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