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Revolutionizing Glaucoma Diagnosis with an Innovative Medical Imaging Device

Client Background

Our client, a trusted medical equipment manufacturer, aimed to revolutionize glaucoma diagnosis with an innovative medical imaging device. Seeking a technology partner with proper certifications, they collaborated with us to bring their vision to fruition. Committed to advancing healthcare accessibility, the client envisioned a cost-efficient solution that would elevate the standards of glaucoma detection while ensuring user-friendly experiences for healthcare professionals.


Our client, a trusted medical equipment manufacturer, embarked on a mission to develop a groundbreaking medical imaging device for glaucoma diagnosis. Recognizing the need for a technology partner with expertise in medical device development and compliance with manufacturing standards, they sought a collaborative ally possessing ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications.

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Regami, as the chosen technology partner, embarked on a comprehensive journey to bring the client's vision to life. The solution involved end-to-end product development, encompassing the following key components:

  • Camera Design: Regami's experts meticulously designed a high-resolution 12MP imager equipped with auto-focus capabilities. This advanced camera ensured top-notch image capture quality under varying lighting conditions.

  • Optics Integration: Acknowledging the critical role of optics in glaucoma diagnosis, a specialized optics designer was brought in to support and optimize this crucial aspect.

  • Enclosure Development: A robust and user-friendly enclosure was developed, ensuring the device's durability and ease of use in clinical settings.

  • Peripheral Integration: The device seamlessly integrated with peripheral components to enhance its functionality.

  • User Interactive Application: Regami's team developed an intuitive user application, making the device user-friendly and allowing for enhanced interaction with the medical imaging system.

  • Cloud Integration: The medical imaging device was equipped with cloud integration capabilities, facilitating secure data storage and accessibility for healthcare professionals.

  • Web Application: A responsive web application was designed to work seamlessly on various platforms, offering convenience and flexibility to users.

  • HIPAA Compliance: Security and patient data privacy were paramount. The entire software architecture was meticulously designed and developed to meet HIPAA compliance standards, ensuring the secure handling of Electronic Health Records (EHR) for each patient.

  • AI/ML Capabilities: A Python-based backend application empowered the system with the flexibility to perform data analytics and leverage AI/ML algorithms for enhanced diagnostic capabilities.



The collaboration between our client and Regami yielded transformative outcomes in glaucoma diagnosis and healthcare accessibility:

  • Cost-Efficiency: The entire medical imaging system was developed at a mere 5% of the typical cost of glaucoma detection systems, thereby significantly reducing the financial barriers to entry for smaller clinics and healthcare facilities.

  • High-Quality Imaging: The incorporation of a 12MP imager with auto-focus functionality ensured the capture of superior quality images in various lighting conditions, enhancing diagnostic accuracy.

  • User-Friendly Experience: The user-intuitive application provided a seamless and enhanced interaction with the device, promoting ease of use and efficiency for healthcare professionals.

  • Advanced Data Analytics: The Python-based backend application enabled higher flexibility in data analytics and the incorporation of AI/ML, potentially revolutionizing glaucoma diagnosis through data-driven insights.

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