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Vision System Design for Patient Monitoring Solution 

Client Background

Our client is a leading healthcare technology company striving to revolutionize patient monitoring solutions. Focused on innovation, they sought to integrate a day/night ethernet camera system into their hospital software platform, aiming to move away from conventional IP cameras due to issues of bulkiness and high costs. The client envisioned a customized solution that would enhance remote control capabilities while optimizing cost, size, and performance.


Our client, a healthcare technology company, faced a significant challenge in their mission to enhance patient monitoring solutions. They aimed to incorporate a day/night ethernet camera system into their hospital software platform. The key requirement was the ability to remotely control the cameras from their central server. The client sought to move away from off-the-shelf IP cameras due to their bulkiness and high cost.

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Regami's engineering team collaborated closely with the client to design, develop, and manufacture a Power over Ethernet (PoE) camera with an IP-rated enclosure. The customized camera system boasted several innovative features:

  • Low-Light Imaging Sensor: The camera included a specialized low-light imaging sensor, ensuring high-quality video even in challenging lighting conditions, such as night-time or low-light environments.

  • Integrated ISP and Controller: In-built Image Signal Processing (ISP) and Controller enhanced the camera's ability to capture, process, and transmit video data efficiently.

  • IR LED Array: Regami developed an Infrared (IR) LED Array that seamlessly integrated with an electromechanical lens holder assembly. This assembly handled the automatic ON/OFF of the IR Cut Filter, optimizing image quality during varying light conditions.

  • RTSP Video Streaming: The camera system was engineered to stream video in H.264 format via the Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP), ensuring seamless and compatible video transmission.



The implementation of Regami's customized vision system yielded remarkable outcomes for our client:

  • Reduced Camera System Cost: By moving away from off-the-shelf IP cameras, the client achieved a 42% cost reduction in camera system procurement and deployment.

  • Improved Low-Light Video Quality: The incorporation of the low-light imaging sensor and the IR LED Array significantly enhanced video quality in low-light conditions, ensuring that critical patient monitoring data remained clear and reliable.

  • Reduced Camera Size: The revision of the camera's design and the introduction of mounting flexibility resulted in a 35% reduction in camera size. This compact form factor catered to the specific use case requirements of the client.

  • Branded Enclosure: Regami enabled client branding on the camera enclosure, creating a customized and professional appearance for the camera system, reinforcing the client's branding and identity.

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