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Virtual Doctor Consultation Application

Client Background 

Our client, a forward-thinking healthcare organization, recognized the evolving needs of patients in the modern world. With a commitment to enhancing healthcare accessibility and adapting to the challenges posed by the global pandemic, they entrusted us to develop a Mobile SaaS platform. The objective was to redefine patient-doctor interactions, emphasizing accessibility and convenience in the evolving landscape of healthcare services. 


Our client sought to address a critical challenge in the healthcare industry by developing a Mobile SaaS platform that could seamlessly connect individuals with doctors and hospitals based on their symptoms and location. The primary goal was to empower users to enter their symptoms and easily find hospitals and clinics nearby with relevant specialties. Furthermore, the application needed to facilitate virtual interactions with doctors through video calls and chat messaging.

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Regami took on the challenge and designed, developed, and deployed an intuitive mobile app available on both Android and iOS platforms. The application effectively connected users with hospitals, clinics, and doctors while offering a plethora of user-centric features, including:

  • Symptom-Based Search: Users could enter their symptoms, and the app would provide a list of nearby healthcare facilities specializing in the relevant field.

  • Virtual Consultations: The app allowed users to engage in virtual interactions with doctors through video calls and chat messaging, providing a convenient and safe means of seeking medical advice.

  • File Transfer: Users could securely exchange medical documents and reports with healthcare professionals.

  • Payment Transfers: The platform facilitated hassle-free payment transactions for consultations.

  • Invoice and Prescription Downloads: Users could easily access and download invoices and prescriptions from their consultations.

  • Follow-Up Consultations: The app streamlined the process of scheduling and conducting follow-up consultations with the same healthcare providers.

  • Facility Locator: Users could locate healthcare facilities based on ratings and distance, making it easier to find the most suitable care providers.

  • Service Reviews: Users could post reviews about the service they received, contributing to an informed and transparent healthcare ecosystem.



The deployment of the Virtual Doctor Consultation Application led to significant and tangible outcomes:

  • Increased Adoption by Doctors during the Pandemic: During the global pandemic, healthcare providers rapidly adopted the platform, leading to a 40% increase in the number of doctors interacting with patients through virtual consultations, ensuring continued access to healthcare services.

  • 30% Reduction in No-Shows for Appointments: Compared to traditional phone-based bookings, the application significantly reduced the number of patients failing to attend appointments, enhancing healthcare resource utilization.

  • Easier Access to Doctors Nationwide: The application provided users with easy access to healthcare professionals across the country, reducing the likelihood of self-medication and enabling timely medical advice.

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