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Case Studies


Success Stories

Regami had developed IOT Industrial Range Detector solution to enable better safety environment in the industry. It is a wearable solution that in worn by the machine operators in a specific manufacturing floor. The manufacturing floor comprises of automated heavy machinery. The heavy machinery, despite being automated, shall have to only run if the wearable device is within a specific range from the machine. The wearable solution shall be integrated wirelessly with the heavy machinery such that the machinery shall run only when the wearable device is within a fixed radius. The wearable device is a custom designed smartwatch comprising of graphics display with capacitive touch, BLE, Battery and its circuit. 

A GPS vehicle tracking system keeps your fleet on schedule and helps your drivers choose quicker routes and avoid costly delays. The customer was interested in a end-to-end solution encompassing the design and development of the GPS device along with a comprehensive GPS tracking software.


Regami designed, developed and manufactured the device that encompasses the GPS unit, Processing unit, LTE unit along with the circuitry to integrate with the existing system on the vehicle to gather vehicle data.


The end-to-end GPS tracking software, built in accordance with the latest IT and design trends, enables various user personas different levels of access to data such as location, traffic condition, vehicle condition, planning dashboards, and so on. 

The IoT tracking and monitoring system connects sensors and metering devices for lighting, air conditioning, thermostats, electricity, and plumbing via the Internet and transmits data for storage, analysis, and monitoring.


This solution, on the hardware perspective, comprises of Off-The-Shelf sensors along with custom designed devices. Regami provided design, development and manufacturing support on the custom designed devices in this solution.


From Software perspective, Regami implemented a real-time data monitoring system to collect data from all the sensors, analyze the data for usage levels, anomalies, critical events and create alerts whenever necessary. 

Regami has the experience working on enterprise level systems such as custom ERPs, LMS, CRMs etc. Regami worked on design and development for custom Lead Management System (LMS) for an edutech company.


This LMS solution shall distribute leads by countless lead and agent attributes - lead quality, location, languages, agent performance and more. Regami has developed this solution to help lead managers to pull out 100+ reports as well as create custom dashboards to measure everything important to them – campaign performance, revenue metrics etc.

Regami was involved in the design and development of a low power student tracking solution that shall enable real-time tracking of a student in the school campus as well as outside.


The project involved the design, development and manufacturing of the Electronics PCBA along with the Industrial Design.


Regami was also responsible for design and development on Web application development for admin, and Mobile application development (Android and iOS) for school and parents.

An online app for educational institutions that allows tracking student academic performance. Regami designed and developed the application that provides users with access to interactive grading dashboards. The application also enables teachers to review aspects such as curriculum progress, individual average grades, attendance, grade by subject, and others. Also, the app enables assessing the efficiency of the teaching staff.

A smart appointment booking system that provides users an easy way of booking a doctor’s appointment online. This application helps user to book appointment to the service they require.  Regami designed the application with additional functionalities that helps users to check previous appointments and consultation notes. Apart from common functionalities, the app enables users d to look for near-by hospitals and read news feeds from admin.

Data Analytics

A web-based pharmacy order management system (OMS) that allows the staff of a pharmaceutical company to serialize each product item in an already packaged order. This order management software system can generate serial numbers, scan the product item barcodes, and print the labels. Regami, with its experience in custom software development service, designed and developed this system to be capable of receive orders, transfer to operator, initiate notification on transfer or decline, create reports and so on. Regami has taken into consideration, the need to have dynamic load handling capability, intuitive UI and security. 

The project involved the design and development of Point-of-Sale handheld terminal. The design requirement for the HHT device comprises of ARM processor, BLE, GPRS, Card reader, thermal printer, graphic display with capacitive touch, batter gauging and charging circuit, and a CMOS camera. The HHT device needs to run on Android OS. Regami worked with the customer on the board design, peripheral selection integration, driver development, camera module design, power management, application development, cloud integration, and QA and testing. Regami also supported the customer with the BOM optimization and New Product Introduction production run.

The solution tracks and monitors the packages on the shelf with the help of vision technology, computes the data to identify low inventory levels, restocking needs and so on, and sends notifications to the authorities on the same. The data shall also be integrated with a custom ERP solution that was developed to serve the specific needs of the customer. Regami, initially, integrated off the shelf camera solution for acquiring the videos of the shelves, integrated with an edge platform, implemented edge based processing application, implemented could integration and also supported to integrating this solution with the customers ERP solution. Later, a custom camera solution was designed and develop to suit the customers form fit and performance requirements. 

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