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AngularJS: An Application Design Framework Loved By Millions

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework for developing single-page web applications. It is a free and open-source framework created by Google. AngularJS supports two-way data binding, which means that any changes to the model are reflected in the view without the need for further effort from developers. It also allows developers to extend the HTML language for their applications by using directives. AngularJS is a comprehensive framework that is widely used to create single-page web apps (SPA).

What is a Framework?

From social networking to healthcare, billions of people use the internet for almost everything. Frameworks are time-savers that provide developers with a lot of new features that can be incorporated into the software with minimal effort. Frameworks increase web development speed and reliability while eliminating the need for developers to create code from scratch.

A framework is a collection of tools that developers can use to create their own applications, such as code libraries, application programming interfaces (APIs), data models, and design patterns. Programmers use frameworks to save time and boost efficiency during the design process.

What Is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that allows you to construct single-page web apps, which implies the browser will only open one page at a time and will load more content as needed. This increases traffic efficiency. AngularJS is built on the MVC design and adheres to basic HTML. Developers are fond of AngularJS because it can automatically synchronize with the model and views.

Angular was first released in 2009 and has since seen numerous upgrades. Following the first Angular, there were Angulars 2, 3, and up to the most recent version, Angular 11, which was released in 2020.

Benefits of AngularJS

Angular addresses many of the issues that developers face when using JavaScript alone. Since it is a reasonably simple language with widespread support, it is well-suited to designing modern apps.

MVC Model

AngularJS makes use of the Model, View, Control (MVC) design pattern. Model–view–controller is a software design pattern that divides program functionality into three interrelated pieces. Using MVC, application development becomes more efficient. Multiple developers can collaborate and work together to update the program quickly. MVC simplifies the debugging of large-scale applications. It saves you a lot of time and allows you to complete the project with less code.

Developing single-page applications

Single-page applications (SPA) and websites are becoming increasingly common. Businesses are using SPAs to offer a fluid, scalable experience. AngularJS is a full-featured SPA framework. Single-page applications significantly improve website speed because they do not refresh the entire page but only the required content. Some examples of Single Page Applications include Gmail, Google Maps, AirBNB, Netflix, Pinterest, and Paypal.

Data Binding

The most notable feature of AngularJS was its two-way data binding. Angular allows users to transfer data from JavaScript code to the screen and respond to user events without having to write any code. In general, in previous MVC structures, we must constantly update the display layer and the model layer to keep them in sync. In AngularJS, the model and view layers are always in sync with each other. For example, when the data in the model changes, the view layer updates to reflect the change and vice versa. It happens instantly and automatically, which helps to make sure that the model and view are always up to date.

Saving time and code

Since AngularJS allows us to work with components, we can reuse them, saving time and code. Creating new web apps using AngularJS is fast and requires little work. A simple app may be created in a short amount of time.

Easy to use

To work with AngularJS, you only need to understand the essentials of HTML, CSS, and Javascript; you do not need to be an expert in these technologies.

Enhanced Design Architecture

When it comes to handling large web apps with a large number of components and complex needs, AngularJS excels. The application functionality and coding structure are simple for new web developers to grasp.

Ease of Development

Working with AngualJS is highly convenient for UI designers since it allows them to focus on design without being distracted by DOM setups and JQuery calls.

Google Background

Since Google maintains it, there is a continually growing community of highly qualified people that can help in the resolution of development-related problems.


AngularJS is an excellent framework for developing simple single-page web applications. AngularJS is a framework with many fantastic features and benefits that provides an easy, productive, and effective technique for building web apps that may function seamlessly across various digital devices. AngularJS has many features, including the MVC pattern, directives, and dependency injection, and it is a solid solution for optimizing front-end development. Paypal, Udemy, Snapchat, Amazon, Netflix, and Gmail are just a few of the major websites and services that use AngularJS.


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