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Audio Video Technologies 

Beyond sound and sight

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At Regami, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation to empower organizations with state-of-the-art audio video technologies that optimize performance, enhance safety, and drive success in today's dynamic world. 

We specialize in providing cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern industries. From healthcare to security, collaboration to automation, our comprehensive range of audio and video systems is designed to enhance efficiency, safety, and connectivity.  

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Our Solutions


Remote Patient Monitoring

Experience advanced remote patient monitoring solutions tailored for healthcare environments. Our solutions facilitate high quality streaming and real-time communication between healthcare providers and patients, ensuring timely interventions and personalized care from a distance.

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Discover How Our Solutions Can Meet Your Specific Needs

Our Reach

traffic management solutions

Smart Cities

New age audio video solutions for real-time urban communication and support

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Surveillance solutions for proactive security and threat detection


Smart Buildings

Customized solutions for real-time safety and productivity enhancements 


Healthcare and Life Sciences 

Advanced solutions for personalized care and fueling breakthroughs 


Telematics and Fleet Management

Customized wearables for real-time safety and productivity enhancements



Advanced audio video solutions for automation and intuitive control of critical tasks 

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The Regami Expertise


Custom Camera Design and Development 

Our team excels in designing and developing custom cameras tailored to your specific needs. From conceptualization to prototyping and manufacturing, we leverage our expertise to deliver cutting-edge camera solutions optimized for your application requirements. 

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Microcontroller and SoC Programming

Harnessing the power of microcontrollers and System-on-Chip (SoC) platforms, we specialize in programming embedded systems to deliver optimal performance and functionality. Our expertise covers a wide range of microcontroller architectures and SoC platforms, ensuring seamless integration with your hardware components.

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Case Studies

Case Study


Enhancing Safety in the Energy Sector through Remote Audio-Video Technologies

Our client, a prominent player in the energy sector specializing in renewable energy solutions, operates a...

Case Study


Enhancing Safety in Hazardous Environments through NLP-Based Voice Command Solutions

A leading manufacturer with operations in hazardous environments faced challenges in...

Case Study


Enhancing Customer Experience and Store Optimization using Computer Vision

A leading retail conglomerate with a vast network of stores worldwide wanted to enhance customer experience...

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