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Wearable elderly care platform

Company Background 

Our technology solutions company collaborated with an innovative startup aiming to revolutionize remote healthcare monitoring for senior citizens. The company strived to merge in-person assessments by doctos/nurses/therapists with continuous remote programs tailored to individual senior citizen’s needs. Their vision was to create a solution that combined traditional in-person care with the flexibility and convenience of remote therapy. 


The healthcare startup faced the challenge of developing a sophisticated digital platform for personalized physiotherapy exercises and remote progress tracking. The pivotal challenge was integrating wearable sensor technology to accurately analyze motion ranges while adhering strictly to healthcare regulations, particularly concerning patient data security and privacy. 

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Our Solution 

To address this challenge, our interdisciplinary team closely collaborated with the healthcare startup, focusing on designing and implementing a wearable-based physiotherapy platform. 

The initial phase encompassed thorough market analysis, extensive stakeholder interviews, and detailed requirement gathering. Subsequently, we designed a robust, HIPAA-compliant architecture to ensure the security and privacy of patient data. 

For the MVP development, a strategic blend of technology was employed: 

  • Wearable Sensor Design: Our team developed a wearable sensor capable of accurately measuring and analyzing the motion range of patients' joints. This sensor technology seamlessly integrated with the mobile application and transmitted real-time data to the platform for therapist analysis. 

  • Cross-Platform Mobile App: Utilized Flutter technology to create a user-friendly, cross-platform mobile application for patients to interact with the wearable sensor and access their therapy programs. 

  • Web App for Therapists: Built using AngularJS and NodeJS, the web app empowered therapists to remotely manage and adjust therapy programs based on the wearable sensor data. 

  • Backend Infrastructure: Implemented Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to establish a secure and scalable backend to handle the sensor data transmission and storage. 

  • Secure Media Storage: Utilized GCP Cloud Storage to securely store media files, such as videos and images illustrating various physiotherapy exercises. 



The MVP launch brought significant advancements for the healthcare startup: 

  • Enhanced Efficiency: In-person consultation time reduced by 40%, enabling therapists to focus more on personalized remote care with the aid of wearable-based data analysis. 

  • Improved Patient Satisfaction: 85% of patients expressed high satisfaction with the remote physiotherapy model due to its intuitive design and personalized approach empowered by wearable technology. 

  • Increased Therapist Productivity: Therapists reported a 30% increase in their ability to track and adjust therapy programs remotely, leveraging the data collected from wearable sensors. 

  • Regulatory Compliance: The platform was fully compliant with HIPAA regulations, ensuring patient data security and privacy in line with industry standards. 

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