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Expanding Telemedicine Reach with a HIPAA-Compliant Android Application

Client Background

Our client, a leading US-based telemedicine platform, connects physicians and patients through secure video conferences to facilitate remote care. However, a critical challenge emerged as the absence of an Android application hindered the accessibility of their mobile patient applications, impacting patient engagement and limiting opportunities for reimbursable video visits.


Our client, a leading US telemedicine platform facilitating secure video conferences between physicians and patients, encountered a critical challenge due to the absence of an Android application. This limitation hindered their mobile patient applications, restricting accessibility for patients and physician practices reliant on Android. This hindered the seamless provision of remote care, impacting patient engagement and limiting opportunities for physicians to conduct reimbursable video visits. 

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To address the unique challenge of creating an Android application for the telehealth platform, our medical app development team devised a comprehensive solution. We developed a HIPAA-compliant Android application that enabled patients to book appointments and connect with their physicians via secure, encrypted peer-to-peer video connections. Our solution included: 

  • Seamless Integration: The Android app seamlessly integrated with existing practice workflows, including scheduling, and management systems such as Electronic Health Records (EHR/EMR), Radiology Information Systems (RIS), and Laboratory Information Systems (LIS). 

  • Remote Care Delivery: Physicians could provide remote care through reimbursable video visits, replacing unpaid phone calls. This improved outpatient engagement and care. 

  • Real-time Data Sync: Patient data synchronized with the practice management system just before the conference, ensuring physicians had the necessary patient information at their fingertips during the video consultation. 



The implementation of the HIPAA-compliant Android application resulted in significant positive outcomes for the telemedicine platform: 

  • Improved Patient Engagement: The Android app's availability led to a 40% increase in patient engagement, allowing more patients to access the platform, book appointments, and connect with their physicians via video calls. 

  • Financial Impact: Replacing unpaid phone calls with reimbursable video visits resulted in a revenue increase of 20% for the physician practices, enhancing their financial sustainability. 

  • Enhanced Health Outcomes: Physicians reported an 8% improvement in patient health outcomes due to the more comprehensive engagement facilitated by video visits. 

  • Streamlined Operations: The integration with existing practice workflows and management systems reduced administrative burdens, resulting in a 30% decrease in time spent on administrative tasks. 

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