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Why React JS is Awesome for App Development

Updated: Apr 8

This blog focusses more on the reason React app development is gaining more and more popularity each day.

React can be considered one of the most popular technologies on the stack Overflow. Let’s talk about the core features of React that make this library so popular and understand the value they add to the developers as well as customers.

What is React Library: A Brief Overview

React JS is a framework that was created by Facebook and can be used for building reusable UI components. React Native in its turn allows building mobile applications using React.js. There are plenty of additional modules and tools created to work with this technology.

React brings in modern technologies, namely, isomorphic JavaScript and Virtual DOM that noticeably increase performance level. React application development process little bit different when we compare it to traditional web development. The reason is in React, creating UI components requires developers to use HTML-like programming language called JSX. This means that the developers shall have to learn some new tricks before getting into React. But this seeming inconvenience can be fully compensated by the ability of code reuse which is particularly important in our case.

What are the customer’s benefits of using React?

  • Virtual DOM enables the increase in performance of highly loaded applications, thereby, eliminating the potential inconvenience and improving user experience.

  • The isomorphic approach allows rendering web pages faster which helps your users feel more comfortable when they use your app. Search engines index such applications better. Since the same code can be used both on the server and client side of an application, development time decreases, and the overall cost is reduced.

  • Code re-use makes it easier to create mobile applications. The code that was used during the web application development can be reused for building a mobile app. The same team can be used for mobile application as well as web application development.

React development can solve your problems by:

  1. improving the user experience of your websites and applications.

  2. increasing development speed.

  3. introducing the trendiest development techniques.

Virtual DOM

The Document Object Model, or DOM is a way of representing and interacting with objects in HTML, XHTML, and XML documents. This model enables every document to be represented as a hierarchical tree of elements called DOM tree. Using special methods, we can get access to a particular component of our page and manipulate it the way we want.

Virtual DOM, as its name suggests, is hosted in the memory. Anytime the “actual DOM” is changed, React changes the virtual DOM instantly. React “collects” these changes, compares them to the DOM’s state, and then, re-renders the modified components. This increases the app performance as well as smoothens the development and rendering of highly loaded application.

Isomorphic apps

Isomorphic apps or Isomorphic JavaScript essentially means we can use same code for both server-side and client-side parts of the application.

Lets consider the scenario where a user opens a website in the browser, the page content should be loaded from a service. Should we use Single Page Application, there is a loading time where the user sees a blank page or loading animations. This can crease inconvenience for the user. Also, search engines done index such pages.

When you create an isomorphic application, you can get the speed benefits of rendering on the server. After the page is loaded, you can still render the components. This ability of rendering pages both on server and client leads to visible benefits ,such as the possibility for search engines to index your pages and better user experience for users.

React, supporting isomorphic approach, enables creating components on both sides, thereby, eliminates loss of development time.

Code Re-Use

React Native is a framework that allows you to build mobile applications using React. Application logic is written and runs in JavaScript, and the created application’s UI is fully native. It means that there’s no need for a developer to refuse his usual web development techniques. It only requires the developers to learn some new tricks.

React Native allows using the existing web application logic while creating a mobile app. It means that team of developers can use the code that was written during the process of website creation instead of starting with a clean slate.

Code reuse does allow us to avoid large number of errors. Once we create reusable components with well-defined interfaces, subsequent new UIs would require us to write less codes. The lesser new codes we write, lower the development time, lower the cost, lower the number of errors.

The above factors clearly indicate the reason React is popular and the reason developers as well as well as customers prefer it.

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