DevOps Engineer

Experience Requried:

3-5 years

Full Time

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Job Description:

    Work across teams to ensure high productivity, reliability, and scalability of applications
    Develop metrics and KPIs to quantify product quality and engineering efficiency
    Design & develop CI/CD pipelines & ensure source code control management.
    Perform architectural/code review & validation, code deployment, etc in phased releases
    Provide suggestions for potential projects that can bring impactful results
    3+ years of experience in software development (exceptions made based on skill level)
    Proficiency in general-purpose programming languages like Python, Java, Go, Perl, C#
    Expert understanding of CI tools such as Jenkins, Travis, Azure, DevOps, etc.
    Experience with Node.js ecosystem (API development, Typescript, large libraries, etc.)
    Experience working with Kubernetes, Docker, or other containerization technologies
    Knowledge of Database Technologies, Release Management, REST, SRE, etc.
    Experience with any Cloud platform like AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure
    Attention to detail, abstract thinking, and problem-solving skills
    The ability to work full-time concurrently with US time zones for a minimum of 4 hours/day
    The capability to function without hand-holding and micromanagement
    Fluency in English and the communication skills to effortlessly collaborate with engineering managers at U.S. software companies

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