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Fleet Management


Fleet management software provides visibility into vehicles’ location, condition, and fuel consumption and gives insights into drivers’ behavior. Regami solutions offering is flexible to accommodate either end-to-end fleet management solution or join an ongoing project that shall require Regami to work on specific aspect of development. 

Fleet Management  Architecture


Fleet Management Solutions we deliver

Fleet Maintenance

  • Preventative fleet maintenance.

  • Maintenance scheduling and alerting.

  • Out-of-order alerts.

  • Maintenance completion reports.

  • Vehicles’ parts inventory management (e.g., purchase order creation, tracking).

  • Repair orders tracking.

  • Vehicle warranty and insurance information management.

Fleet Tracking, Route Optimization & Geofencing

  • Real-time tracking of vehicles.

  • Fleet availability dashboards.

  • Drivers’ behavior monitoring (e.g., driving speed, unnecessary stops).

  • Fuel consumption tracking.

  • Optimal route planning and dynamic route adjustment (in case of accidents, roadblocks, etc.).

  • Route schedules optimization (e.g., based on distance, priorities, and deadlines).

  • Notifications to fleet managers on vehicles entering or leaving certain geographic areas.

Dispatch Management

  • Route calculation and optimization.

  • Delivery scheduling and task list generation (for drivers and employees).

  • Automated vehicle assignment.

  • Vehicle service history tracking.

  • Real-time trip monitoring.

  • Convenient communication between call center reps and drivers.

  • Dispatch document management (e.g., invoices, dispatch details reports).

Accident Detection & Claim Management

  • Automated detection of a vehicle collision.

  • Automatic accident notifications to fleet managers.

  • Accident details reports.

  • Towing service management.

  • Repair process management.

Budgeting  and Expense Management

  • Fuel management optimization.

  • Vehicle maintenance and expenses budgeting.

  • Vehicle insurance and warranty expiration notifications.

Policies and Compliance Monitoring

  • Automated tracking of vehicles’ operating parameters (e.g., fuel consumption, vehicle speed) to ensure compliance with fleet management regulations (e.g., Department of Transport).

  • Remote monitoring of tachograph data compliance with applicable regulations (e.g., recorded periods of driving and rest, traveled distance, timely tachograph data download).

  • Vehicle warranty expiration dates and insurance information tracking.

Why Regami?

Regami has the expertise and experience to provide end-to-end fleet management solution. 

With regard to fleet management, Regami delivers

  • Custom hardware developed for GPS tracking, Video Surveillance, Vehicle health monitoring etc. 

  • Dedicated applications to optimize vehicle maintenance, reduce operational costs, and improve driver safety. 

  • Solutions to easily monitor, manage, and schedule every single car, truck, ship, airplane, or helicopter, or an entire fleet of vehicles.


Challenges Regami's solution solves ?

For Fleet Management Service Providers

  • Expenses on your ready-made product grow together with your customer base.

  • Unmet customer needs due to a problematic implementation of custom functionality in a ready-made product.

  • Low user satisfaction due to a complex interface and issues at the code level.


Regami's Custom Fleet Management Solution encompasses : 

  • Optimized Total Cost of Ownership as you don’t need to pay subscription fees.

  • Meeting unique customer needs due to customizations being easier and cheaper to implement.

  • Increased customer satisfaction due to:

  • On-point UX/UI and guaranteed application reliability.

  • Automation of key fleet management processes.

For Fleet Owners

  • Troubled compliance of fleet operations with federal and industry-specific fleet management regulations.

  • Need for higher operational efficiency due to fluctuating fuel prices and low margin.

  • Difficulty in planning vehicle purchasing and low visibility over fleet operations and maintenance expenses.

  • Financial losses due to frequent accidents and inability to guarantee driver safety.


Regami's Custom Fleet Management Solution encompasses : 

  • Compliance with federal and industry-specific fleet management regulations due to an automated collection and recording of vehicles’ operating parameters needed to ensure compliance.

  • Optimized fuel management, lower fuel consumption and expenses.

  • Full control over vehicle purchasing and a complete visibility into fleet operations and maintenance activities and expenses.

  • Low risk of accidents and improved driver safety due to driving behavior and speeding violation monitoring.

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Choose your options

End-to-End Hardware Development for Fleet Management


We design, develop and manufacture the hardware devices that shall facilitate fleet management services. The various components of the system architecture that Regami can develop are:

  • Multi-Camera System - PoE, USB, MIPI, GMSL etc. 

  • Sensing Devices to track driver activities. 

  • GPS Device with LTE enabled. 

  • Integration with OBD II port - Monitor vehicle stats. 

Fleet Management Application Consulting

Regami has in-house team of Business Analysts and Solution Consultants who can help with the discussions. To enable you build a robust and scalable fleet management application, we:

  • Analyze your needs or elaborate on your idea.

  • Review application architecture or design one from scratch.

  • Advise on an optimal tech stack.

  • Audit or design a thought-out user experience.

End-to-End Fleet Management Application Development

Regami has experienced team of developers who can work with you to get an application ready to bring ROI right away. We believe in delivering easily maintainable and scalable application architecture with focus on smooth integrations with enterprise software. We follow the below development process

  • Business analysis.

  • User experience design.

  • Architecture and tracking algorithms design.

  • Application development.

  • Testing and QA.

  • Support and evolution.

We work with you to identify the MVP and target delivery at the earliest to bring ROI right away. 

Fleet Management Solution Evolution

Regami, with its experienced team of BAs and Developers, shall audit the application you currently use, design and implement new functional modules so that you get an opportunity to generate new value with legacy software. We ensure smooth integration with enterprise software. 

Why should you invest in custom fleet management solution?

Reduction in fuel  expenses

Optimize operational costs

Lower risk of accidents

Higher customer satisfaction rate

Higher driver retention rate

Increase revenue

Technologies We Use

Web Technologies



Front End


Mobile Technologies

Native Android


Native iOS


Cross Platform


Cloud Technologies

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