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About us

Regami was founded to provide world class product development services to companies in various capacities which involves design and development of hardware and software solutions along with deployment and manufacturing services. We believe in designing products with a keen focus on nurturing innovative ideas to help you bring an optimized, technologically advanced, cost-effective solution to the market. 


Regami helps business move forward, faster by combining deep industry expertise and frictionless technology delivery.


Our services have applicability across use cases such as Medical Devices, Industrial IoT, Medical IoT, Smart Surveillance, Security, Biometrics, Machine–Vision, Autonomous Guided Vehicles, Smart Parking, Wearables, Drones, Dental Cameras, Surgical Vision Solutions, Telemedicine, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, etc.


At Regami, we’re all about helping today’s businesses elevate their customer experiences and enhance their products, people and processes to enable them to get ahead and stay ahead of marketplace shifts, fickle customer demands and relentless competition.

Every Regamian is empowered and driven by our core values which guide us in every step we take with our clients in their journey of bringing successful products to market. 



To become world leader in  providing solutions that integrate cutting edge technologies with best in class execution.



To become the most preferred embedded product development partner by providing high-quality and cost-effective solutions

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Embedded Design Services

Elevating Technology; Redefining Solutions


Digitalization Services

Tailored solutions for your digital journey


Automation Services

Automating your way to efficiency with us

Concept to Product

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Your Vision, Our Solution

Core Values


Costumer Focus




  • With a strong base in software development, hardware development, and manufacturing, Regami is a true one-stop-shop destination for any company who wants to design, develop and manufacture products. ​

  • Deep expertise in hardware design, wireless integration, camera design, tuning and integration, power supply design, high speed signal integration and firmware development. 

  • Flexible services structure that supports end-to-end product development as well as enables joining ongoing project to handle a particular development stage. 

  • Mature DevOps culture, deep background in containerized environments, cloud computing, continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD).

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