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Streamlining Shift and Supervisor Change Requests with UiPath RPA

Client Background

A large-scale industry with a diverse workforce operating in multiple shifts under different supervisors faced a challenge in efficiently managing shift and supervisor change requests. These requests were previously managed manually by the HR services team, leading to inefficiencies and delays in processing. To streamline this process, reduce HR efforts, and enhance overall operational efficiency, the company decided to implement Robotic Process Automation (RPA) using UiPath.

Business Challenge

The organization encountered several challenges in managing shift and supervisor change requests:

  • Manual Process: HR services had to manually handle a high volume of shift and supervisor change requests submitted by employees or their managers via an IT Service Management (ITSM) tool.

  • Data Entry Complexity: The requests required updates in the PeopleSoft portal, which involved navigating the user interface (UI) and entering data accurately.

  • Operational Delays: Manual processing led to delays in updating shifts and supervisors, impacting workforce management.

  • Audit Requirements: The need for a comprehensive audit trail to track and verify each transaction for compliance and reporting purposes.

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Solution Overview

To address these challenges, the organization implemented UiPath RPA to automate the shift and supervisor change request process. The RPA bot was designed to perform the following tasks:

  • Request Capture: The bot monitored the ITSM tool for incoming shift and supervisor change requests, capturing request details.

  • Data Validation: The bot validated request data for accuracy and compliance with predefined criteria.

  • PeopleSoft Update: Using a graphical user interface, the bot automatically navigated through the PeopleSoft portal, made the necessary updates for shift and supervisor changes, and ensured data integrity.

  • ITSM Ticket Closure: Once the changes were successfully processed, the bot closed the corresponding ITSM ticket, ensuring the completion of the request.

  • Audit Trail: Every transaction was recorded in a MySQL database, creating a comprehensive audit trail for compliance and reporting purposes



The implementation of UiPath RPA for shift and supervisor change requests yielded significant benefits for the organization:

  • Efficiency: Automation reduced the time and effort required to process requests, ensuring timely updates to shifts and supervisors.

  • Data Accuracy: RPA eliminated data entry errors, ensuring the integrity of employee records.

  • Resource Optimization: HR services could allocate their time to more strategic activities instead of manual data entry.

  • Audit Compliance: Automation created a robust audit trail, simplifying compliance checks and reporting.

  • Operational Speed: Faster processing of requests improved overall operational efficiency, leading to smoother workforce management.


By leveraging UiPath RPA technology, the organization successfully streamlined the shift and supervisor change request process, reducing HR efforts, enhancing accuracy, and improving operational efficiency. This RPA implementation showcased the potential of automation in managing complex HR processes efficiently and maintaining compliance with audit requirements.

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