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RPA Automation for SKU Listing to POS Process in Telecom Industry Using UiPath

Client Background

A prominent player in the telecommunications industry undertakes complex processes, including Supply Chain Management (SCM), to manage the flow of goods and services. The SKU Listing to Point of Sale (POS) process involves manual data entry into the SAP system, resulting in inefficiencies and delays due to system latency. To optimize this process and make the most of subject matter experts' (SMEs) time, the company opted to implement Robotic Process Automation (RPA) using UiPath.

Business Challenge

The telecommunications company faced several challenges with the manual SKU Listing to POS process:

  • Manual Data Entry : The process of entering data into the SAP system was time-consuming and error-prone due to system latency and application downtime.

  • SME Productivity : Valuable SME time was spent on repetitive manual tasks, resulting in underutilization of their skills and expertise.

  • System Notifications : The manual process made it difficult to inform SMEs of system issues or downtime in a timely manner.

  • Process Efficiency : The process was slow and subject to human error, impacting the overall efficiency of the SCM operation.

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Solution Overview

The company implemented an RPA solution using UiPath to automate the SKU Listing to POS process. The automation workflow included the following steps:

  • Email Notification: The RPA bot monitored a group mailbox for incoming email requests related to the SKU Listing to POS process.

  • Issue Identification: When an email notification indicated a system issue or downtime, the bot triggered an automated email notification to the respective SME, alerting them to the situation.

  • SME Resolution: The SME resolved the system/application issue or downtime, ensuring the SAP system was operational.

  • Manual Bot Trigger: Once the issue was resolved, the SME manually triggered the RPA bot to continue with the data entry process.

  • Data Entry: The bot performed data entry tasks in the SAP system, ensuring accuracy and eliminating manual intervention.

  • Logging and Reporting: The bot generated logs and reports detailing the automation actions taken, providing transparency into the process.



The implementation of RPA for the SKU Listing to POS process brought substantial benefits to the telecommunications company:

  • Time Savings: Automation significantly reduced the time required for data entry, allowing SMEs to focus on more strategic tasks.

  • Accuracy: Automation eliminated human errors associated with manual data entry, enhancing data quality.

  • Efficiency: The RPA

    solution expedited the entire process, improving overall process efficiency and cycle time.

  • SME Utilization: SMEs could allocate their time to addressing system issues and other high-value tasks rather than manual data entry.

  • Process Transparency: Automation provided visibility into the process with detailed logs and reports, aiding in tracking and auditing.


By leveraging UiPath's RPA technology, the telecom company streamlined SKU to POS processes, amplifying accuracy and efficiency. The solution optimized notifications, issue resolution, and data entry, slashing manual task time by 90%. This success highlights RPA's potential in revolutionizing telecom supply chains. The automation not only boosted productivity but also showcased a significant reduction in errors, underlining the transformative impact of RPA.

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