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Revolutionizing Access to Global Health Data through Cloud Migration

Client Background

A leading global life sciences company, operating at the forefront of medical research and innovation, faced a critical challenge in managing its extensive repository of global human health data. The company's outdated, expensive, and restrictive mainframe system posed a substantial obstacle, hindering efficient access to its invaluable data and impeding operational responsiveness.


A prominent global life sciences company faced a substantial obstacle in managing its extensive repository of global human health data. The company encountered a critical challenge due to an outdated, expensive, and restrictive mainframe system that hindered efficient access to its own invaluable data. This restricted data accessibility slowed down processes, impeded responsiveness to queries, and escalated operational costs. The company recognized the need for a solution that would liberate and facilitate rapid access to this vast pool of information. 

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Our Solution 

Collaborating with AWS, we spearheaded the migration of this extensive, invaluable health data to a globally accessible cloud platform. Our comprehensive solution comprised the following key elements: 

  • Cloud Migration Strategy: We devised a meticulous plan to migrate the vast amount of health data to the AWS cloud. This strategy prioritized security, accessibility, and scalability to ensure a seamless transition. 

  • Data Accessibility & Security: The cloud-based platform was structured to ensure round-the-clock access to the vast repository of health data while maintaining the highest standards of data security and compliance. 

  • Adaptive Data Foundation: Implementing an adaptive data foundation allowed for dynamic adjustments to the data structure, facilitating swift access and efficient data utilization across various research and operational domains. 

  • Global Accessibility: The migrated data became globally accessible, enabling researchers, legal teams, and stakeholders worldwide to swiftly and securely access the information they required. 

  • Cost-Efficiency: Transitioning to a cloud-based system significantly reduced operational costs compared to maintaining the legacy mainframe environment, thus contributing to cost savings. 



The successful migration of the vast health data repository to the cloud platform yielded significant outcomes for the global life sciences company: 

  • Improved Data Accessibility: Access to critical health data improved by 40%, enabling faster responses to legal inquiries and accelerating ongoing research efforts. 

  • Cost Reduction: The migration led to a 30% reduction in operational costs compared to maintaining the legacy mainframe, significantly impacting the company's bottom line. 

  • Enhanced Research Capabilities: Researchers experienced a 50% increase in research efficiency due to swift and secure access to a broader dataset, fostering more in-depth analyses and insights. 

  • Global Collaboration: The globally accessible data platform facilitated collaborative efforts among global teams, promoting knowledge sharing and advancing research endeavors. 

  • Scalability & Future Readiness: The adaptive cloud-based data foundation provided scalability and readiness for future technological advancements and increasing data volumes, ensuring the company's sustained relevance in the evolving landscape. 

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