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Resume Automation Using RPA for HR Process & Operations

Automating Talent Acquisition: A Case Study on How RPA Can Ramp Up Hiring

Client Background

A large-scale industry specializing in various domains faces a significant influx of resumes during recruitment drives. The HR department is overwhelmed by the sheer volume of resumes received in their mailbox, making it challenging to process them efficiently and accurately. To address this issue, the company decided to implement Robotic Process Automation (RPA) using UiPath to automate the resume screening, data extraction, and candidate evaluation processes.

Business Challenge

The primary challenge was streamlining resume processing and evaluation to identify suitable candidates for interviews. The manual review of each resume was time-consuming and error-prone. Moreover, candidates needed to be filtered based on various criteria, such as interview attendance within the last 90 days and academic performance thresholds. The HR team struggled to manage this process while maintaining accuracy and efficiency.

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Solution Overview

The company deployed UiPath, a leading RPA tool, to automate the resume processing and evaluation workflow. The RPA bot was designed to perform the following tasks:

  • Data Extraction and Classification: The bot utilized UiPath's document understanding capabilities to read and extract relevant information from each resume. It identified key details such as the candidate's name, contact information, email address, and academic qualifications.

  • Database Comparison: The bot cross-referenced the extracted data with the existing database to eliminate candidates who had attended interviews within the last 90 days. This step ensured that the HR team focused on fresh candidates.

  • Academic Evaluation: For each candidate remaining after the database comparison, the bot calculated the academic performance threshold based on predetermined criteria. Candidates failing to meet the threshold were automatically eliminated from consideration.

  • Report Generation: The bot generated a comprehensive report listing the shortlisted candidates, along with their extracted details and academic evaluation scores. This report provided the HR team with a clear overview of eligible candidates for scheduling interviews.

“According to a report by Deloitte, almost half the executives of top HR firms all over the world report that RPA deployment results in 10-20% savings the HR processes”



The implementation of RPA for resume processing and evaluation yielded several benefits for the HR department and the company as a whole:

  • Time Savings: The automation significantly reduced the time required for processing and evaluating resumes. The bot could process a high volume of resumes in a fraction of the time compared to manual review.

  • Accuracy: By leveraging document understanding and automated data extraction, the bot eliminated errors associated with manual data entry and interpretation.

  • Efficiency: The automated elimination of candidates based on predefined criteria ensured that only the most suitable candidates moved forward in the recruitment process, streamlining the HR team's efforts.

  • Consistency: The RPA bot consistently followed the defined rules and criteria, eliminating bias and ensuring a fair evaluation of all candidates.

  • Resource Allocation: HR personnel could redirect their focus from repetitive and time-consuming tasks to higher-value activities such as candidate engagement and interview preparation.


The integration of UiPath's RPA technology into HR processes sparked a revolutionary shift in recruitment. Achieving 10x faster onboarding and reducing processes to mere seconds, the company realized a flawless 0% compliance error rate. The HR team's capacity has surged by 40%, empowering strategic focus. This success not only transforms hiring but also showcases RPA's potential across operations.

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