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Enhancing Loan Application Screening with UiPath RPA

Client Background

Continuing from the previous case study, a prominent organization engaged in flood map retrieval and disaster management also extended its automation capabilities to improve the screening process for loan applicants. In this phase, the organization sought to check applicants' criminal histories against a USA crime database. The solution involved additional navigations and data capturing, further showcasing the power of UiPath RPA.

Business Challenge

The organization faced a critical challenge in the loan application screening process:

  • Background Checks: To ensure responsible lending, it was necessary to perform comprehensive background checks on loan applicants, including verifying their criminal history.

  • Data Retrieval: Criminal history data was stored in a portal with multiple pages, necessitating navigation and data extraction.

  • Documentation: Capturing all pages of the crime report and sharing them with the Line of Business (LOB) was a manual and resource-intensive process.

  • Efficiency: The existing process was slow and prone to errors, hindering timely loan approvals.

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Solution Overview

Building on the previous UiPath RPA implementation, the organization extended automation to the loan application screening process. The workflow involved the following steps:

  • UiPath Apps Form: Loan applicants filled out a form created using UiPath Apps, which collected their data for background checks.

  • Transaction Initiation: Once a transaction was added to the queue, the RPA bot was triggered to start the automation process.

  • Portal Navigation: The bot navigated to the USA crime database portal and used applicant data to perform a search for criminal history.

  • Data Extraction: It captured all pages of the crime report and extracted relevant information.

  • LOB Sharing: The bot shared all captured pages and extracted data with the LOB for review and decision-making.