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Automating Risk Evaluation and Underwriting for a Global Insurance Provider

Client Background

A global insurance company, faced challenges in efficiently evaluating and underwriting policies. The manual underwriting processes were hindered by the complexity of risk assessment, resulting in slow decision-making and an increased risk of human errors.


The global insurance company faced obstacles in expeditiously evaluating and underwriting policies due to the intricate nature of risk assessment. Manual underwriting processes were bogged down by complexity, resulting in slow decision-making and an increased susceptibility to human errors.

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To address these challenges, the insurance company implemented Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as a core solution in their underwriting process. The integration of RPA brought about the following key enhancements:

  • Automated Data Analysis: RPA technology was leveraged to process vast datasets at an accelerated pace, enabling quick analysis of complex risk factors.

  • Risk Scoring and Decision Making: Bots were programmed to calculate risk scores based on predefined algorithms, providing accurate risk assessment and recommending policy decisions to underwriters.

  • Communication Automation: The RPA bots automated communication with brokers and agents, providing timely updates on policy status and requirements, thus streamlining the interaction process.



The adoption of RPA technology yielded significant and measurable outcomes for the insurance company:

  • Underwriting Time Reduction: The integration of RPA led to a remarkable 60% reduction in underwriting time, streamlining the policy evaluation process and significantly expediting decision-making.

  • Accuracy in Risk Assessment: With the implementation of RPA, the accuracy in risk assessment improved by an impressive 80%, minimizing errors and ensuring more precise policy decisions.

  • Premium Pricing Optimization: The use of RPA in risk evaluation and decision-making processes resulted in a 10% increase in revenue through more accurate premium pricing strategies.

  • Enhanced Satisfaction: The faster response time, thanks to RPA, led to a notable 25% increase in satisfaction among brokers and agents, due to quicker and more efficient communication and decision-making.

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